Login and Check
  • Log into WordPress and check for any theme updates
  • Note: this is for websites running on the YEWS Flawless Child Theme. We like to make sure that everything is always up to date, therefore we also update unused themes, such as the default WordPress themes.
Backup Everything!
  1. Go to your cPanel / hosting account and navigate to “File Manager”
  2. Compress / zip up the entire website or just the themes folder, wp-content > themes
  3. Rename the backup and keep it on the server for now
  4. Go back to your cPanel / hosting account and navigate to “phpMyAdmin”
  5. Find the database used by your website, navigate to Export and follow the instructions to download an SQL backup file – save to your computer
Update Theme
  1. Once you are sure you have backed-up everything, go back to WordPress and update the default WordPress themes (example: Twenty Fourteen)
  2. View your website and see if there are any issues
  • View the video above
  • If you find issues with your website, you can try to fix them yourself or contact us.