Connect Stripe Account
  1. Select Live Mode
  2. Click “Connect With Stripe” button
  3. Login to your stripe account
  4. Select account you want to connect to the website
  5. Click connect button
Setup Webhook
  1. Click the following link to access your Stripe Webhooks management page:
  2. Click the “Add Endpoint” button above the list of Webhook URLs.
  3. Enter Endpoint URL Make sure to update to you website URL.
  4. If offered the choice, select the latest API version.
  5. Click the “+ Select events” > Select all events > add events.
  6. Click the “Add endpoint” button to save the webhook.
  7. Copy the signing secret of the newly created webhook on Stripe and paste to the setting field.
  8. Tick “I have enabled the Gravity Forms webhook URL in my Stripe account” and Save Settings.